MiR the solution for the management of intralogistics

MiR, that is distributed by K.L.A.IN.robotics, is the acronym of “Mobile Industrial Robots”, a Danish company that has tripled its turnover in just one year and aims to reach € 27 million by 2018. The driver of this growth was the technological development that earned him numerous awards and recognitions as an innovative product in the field of internal logistics. MiR produces AMR, Autonomous Mobile Robot, truly autonomous collaborative robots. This robot has the peculiarity of not using external sensors to it and having a continuous feedback from those mounted for a correct navigation. This navigation dynamically adapts as it is sufficient to use two positions and the robot will calculate autonomously each time the shortest route to move from one location to another. After processing the various solutions available, he is able to instantly choose the best one in terms of space / time ratio. It also has the ability to communicate with other machines and therefore to do enslavement and / or be enslaved. It is also autonomous in recharging, regulated by the internal software. It is possible to mount additional cameras for greater precision and by default uses an Intel 3D Real Sense camera to optimize navigation (it is used only for this purpose and not in the safety circuit). If there is a fixed or mobile obstacle, such as a person in transit, it is programmed to find a different trajectory and bypass it. The use, at least for now, is only intended for indoor use, to avoid malfunctions due to interference from sunlight with sensors or infiltration of liquids. MiR is a product that can be used in companies of any sector, where it is necessary to move components or equipment between different departments.

Taken from ‘Il Sole 24 Ore” dated 20 June 2018


Robots more capable and efficient using cloud platforms

Starting the way to a new level of applications in Industry 4.0 / IOT, Denso Robotics and its partners have recently shown how industrial automation in “smart factories” can be even more efficient, safe and reliable, making the best use of software and existing technologies. Focus of the demonstration of the “Deniot” project, the Denso VS060 robot and the Azure cloud platform from Microsoft were used, a collection of integrated cloud services such as: data processing, database, mobile, networking, data storage and website. The demonstration took place at the all-important Microsoft .Net Conference in Madrid, Spain. It has been shown that robot performance can be significantly optimized by exploiting all the advantages of a cloud platform, such as those offered by Azure. The platform was connected to the Denso robot controller to collect and analyze data, using Big data analytics and other techniques. This data was then transformed into operational information. In the demonstration, the VS060 robot was programmed to perform up to 9 different movements, especially pick-and-place. “Our goal was to demonstrate how it is possible to optimize the robot’s performance using existing technologies and processes. By observing and analyzing robot data, we are not only able to interact with it and control it from anywhere, but we have also simplified machine learning, which further improves efficiency and performance, “says Pablo Olivares. Denso robots are particularly suitable for Industry 4.0 / Iot applications since the RC8 Controller is highly flexible and simple to integrate. This is fundamental, given that key to every successful IOT solution is simple, fast and reliable coordination of all the parts that make up the system. There are many platforms that Denso RC8 controller can work with, including LabView, Halcon or Plc Industrial network (eg ProfiNet, ProfiBus, etc.). For “Deniot” project, Orin was the most important. Orin (Open resource interface for the network) a software development interface, which allows to interact with robots in high language levels such as C #, C ++, etc. This single programming capability allows very simple integration of software platforms between Denso robot and Microsoft Azure. During the demonstration, robot was also checked using Cortana, the recognition and assistance software developed by Microsoft. Among al movements performed by the VS060 robot, the last one  received the most success among people, that was the robot that takes a selfie.

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COBOTTA at Triennale in Milan

Triennale Exhibition in Milan is placed inside ”Palazzo dell’Arte” building, it is an international culture institution that produces exhibitions, conferences and art events, design and fashion.

The exhibition named ‘’NEO PREISTORIA- 100 verbs’’ retraces the long journey from the instruments of ancient prehistory to the latest nano-technologies, comparing 100 tools and 100 verbs.

Here found his space our COBOTTA Prototype!