Starting the way to a new level of applications in Industry 4.0 / IOT, Denso Robotics and its partners have recently shown how industrial automation in “smart factories” can be even more efficient, safe and reliable, making the best use of software and existing technologies. Focus of the demonstration of the “Deniot” project, the Denso VS060 robot and the Azure cloud platform from Microsoft were used, a collection of integrated cloud services such as: data processing, database, mobile, networking, data storage and website. The demonstration took place at the all-important Microsoft .Net Conference in Madrid, Spain. It has been shown that robot performance can be significantly optimized by exploiting all the advantages of a cloud platform, such as those offered by Azure. The platform was connected to the Denso robot controller to collect and analyze data, using Big data analytics and other techniques. This data was then transformed into operational information. In the demonstration, the VS060 robot was programmed to perform up to 9 different movements, especially pick-and-place. “Our goal was to demonstrate how it is possible to optimize the robot’s performance using existing technologies and processes. By observing and analyzing robot data, we are not only able to interact with it and control it from anywhere, but we have also simplified machine learning, which further improves efficiency and performance, “says Pablo Olivares. Denso robots are particularly suitable for Industry 4.0 / Iot applications since the RC8 Controller is highly flexible and simple to integrate. This is fundamental, given that key to every successful IOT solution is simple, fast and reliable coordination of all the parts that make up the system. There are many platforms that Denso RC8 controller can work with, including LabView, Halcon or Plc Industrial network (eg ProfiNet, ProfiBus, etc.). For “Deniot” project, Orin was the most important. Orin (Open resource interface for the network) a software development interface, which allows to interact with robots in high language levels such as C #, C ++, etc. This single programming capability allows very simple integration of software platforms between Denso robot and Microsoft Azure. During the demonstration, robot was also checked using Cortana, the recognition and assistance software developed by Microsoft. Among al movements performed by the VS060 robot, the last one  received the most success among people, that was the robot that takes a selfie.

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