The EYEFEEDER® is a patented flexible feeding system which is equipped with servomotors directly driven by the DENSO robot controller. This allows to use the Eyefeeder without an additional controller (PLC or PCI) or operating panel (HMI).
Conveyer speed and shaking intensity can be quickly adjusted at one window at the DENSO Teaching Pendant and therefor the system can be rapidly adept to another product. The Eyefeeder is available in three different sizes and with different type of belts to optimize vision-detection or part positioning.


  • 800
  • 1000
  • 1200

Types of conveyor belt available:

  • White (flat and spiked)
  • Blue (flat and spiked)
  • Black (flat and spiked)

The Eyefeeder is powered by a hopper feeder or a circular feeder. When the products begin to be distributed on the Eyefeeder belt, the combined shaking and advancing motion of the belt favors the presence of the components in the detection area of the Vision System. The Vision System therefore decides what action to take. If a certain amount of products are placed on the belt so that they can be taken from the robot, the Vision System provides the coordinates of these components to the robot, which initiates pick-and-place operations. If there are enough components but they are not available, the Vision System communicates to the Eyefeeder to exert a further action of shaking, so as to modify the deposit of some components, to make them acceptable by the robot. When, after a series of successive grips by the robot, the components are scarce or no longer available, the Vision System communicates to the Eyefeeder to feed new products within the detection area of the Vision System itself. 

the vision system

You can use any Vision System that best suits your type of products. The Vision System can be easily connected directly to the DENSO robot controller via the Ethernet port. The libraries of different Vision Systems that are available within the DENSO controller allow you to communicate and calibrate the Vision System through the controller itself. You can also monitor the Vision System via the Teaching Pendant keyboard.

Vision System



The Eyefeeder can be used with the entire range of DENSO robots.

For simple pick-and-place operations you can use a 4-axis robot, but it is possible to perform assembly operations with 6-axis anthropomorphic robots.

  • Pick and place
  • Quality control
  • Assembly
  • Machine tool tending and operating machines in general
  • Packaging
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical

The Eyefeeder makes 100% flexible non-stop production possible, change of product can be done quickly. This makes automation affordable with low batches. Other than systems with conveyer tracking it does not require a return system which allows compact applications.