Klain Robotics Service puts at your disposal its know-how. Any application has different features and often hidden opportunities. Regardless of the type of application, our goal is to help customers to find the best solution to improve productivity. By sharing our knowledge in production processes and automated solutions, we will show the possibilities and points where you can improve.

Extraordinary qualities and constant availability for the entire cycle life of products make Klain Robotics Service a very reliable partner. To satisfy every individual need, we offer a wide range of solutions for components. The high availability of components and our excellent logistics network, ensures that articles reach their destination in a short time.

Robotic cells

Klain Robotics Service is at your disposal for the development of demonstration cells for fairs and events.

These ones are some of the cells created by us:

Inspection Cell with robot DENSO VS 068A

Eyefeeder Cell with robot DENSO HSR055

Cooperation Cell with robot Hyundai HH7

Didacta Cell with robot DENSO VP6242