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The model HS260 is suitable for arc welding and handling applications.




Structure Articulated
Degree of Freedom 6
Drive Method AC Servo
Max. Motion Range Main Axes Swivel ±180°
Horizontal +155° ~ +10˚
Vertical +190° ~ -80°
Wrist Axes R2 ±360°
B (Bending) ±128°
R1 (Twisting) ±360°
Max. Speed Main Axes Swivel 110°/s
Horizontal 106°/s
Vertical 110°/s
Wrist Axes R2 140°/s
B (Bending) 140°/s
R1 (Twisting) 210°/s
Payload 260 kg
Allowable Torque Wrist Axes R2 165 kg f.m
B (Bending) 165 kg f.m
R1 (Twisting) 81 kg f.m
Repeatability ±0.05 mm
Ambient temperature 0~45°C
Body Weight 1.250 kg
Installation method Floor
Controller Hi5a
Max. Reach 2.666 mm