Robot DENSO VS 6-axis offers the same perfect integrity and finishing of series VP one, but they have been thought to include greater arm reach and payload. They are available also in configurations which allow to operate in specific environments.

  • Exceptional precision: da ±0,02 mm
  • Fastest possible cycle time: 0,49 s
  • Maximum composite speed: 8.200 mm/s
  • Payload: up to 7 kg
  • Arm reach: 653 mm e 854 mm
  • Mounting options: floor or ceiling
  • Operation in dusty and wet environments (optional specification to IP65/54 standard)
  • Operation in clean rooms (optional specification to clean room ISO 3)
  • ANSI and CE compliance: allows global deployment. Choose a Safety board / Safety box controller
  • UL specifications (for the USA and Canada)

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