The 6-axis robots have three main characteristics:

  • SPEED (up to 11.000 mm/s)
  • PRECISION (from ±0,02 mm)
  • FLEXIBILITY (mounting options: ceiling, floor, wall)

In addition:

  • Their design is extremely thin and compact and allows you to save space for the placement
  • You can arrange the engine and the encoder cable under the engine basement
  • Vi permettono un carico fino a 7 kg, dandovi le migliori performance possibili

The option “Communication Interface” allows you to connect devices Gigabit Ethernet and grippers directly to the flange of the robot, thanks to an internal innovative communication system via cable. This allows to the user avoiding risks of entangled cables.


You can also use these robots in wet environments thanks to their optional protection IP67 (which also resists at high pressure washing and splinters).

4 different arm reach available (505 mm, 605 mm, 710 mm e 905 mm) with many optionals