Robot MiR

MiR (mobile industrial robot) are autonomous mobile robots (AMR) designed to optimize productivity in logistics and manufacturing operations. AMR MiR make corporate logistics activities more efficient, reducing delivery time and bottleneck risk, optimising security.

Each MiR robot adapts to most environments, moves in confined spaces and climbs independently on elevators and ramps.

MiR 100

MiR 500

MiR 200

MiR 250


MiR 1000

MiR System Partner

Via Borgo Tocchet, 11 Corte VI
31010 Godega di S. Urbano – TV
Tel.: +390438208174
e-mail: info@adatsrl.it
Contact: Mr. Claudio Ongaro

SP83, Km 0.200
03040 San Vittore del Lazio FR
Tel.: +3907761542672
e-mail: info@tmpengineering.it
Contact: ing. Michele Merola

Via Sassuolo, 68/L
41043 Formigine – MO
Tel.: +39059571162
e-mail.: info@errevielettric.it
Contact: Mr. Rossano Romoli

Via A. Manzoni, 82
06135 Ponte San Giovanni – PG
Tel. 075 5093178
e-mail.: info@autognity.com
Contact: sig. Enzo Catenacci

P.O. Box 45-206
Tel.: +9611481565
e-mail.: info@mepeq.com
Contact: Mr. Tony Meghabghab & Habi Boutanios

Via Dante Giacosa snc-
Zona Industriale asi Sud, 81025 Marcianise – CE
Tel.: +390823821560
e-mail: info@amssrl.com
Contact: ing. Giovanni Laudante