P-Rob 2 is a robotic arm available in different variants (Power input: AC or DC, Operating voltage: 24V or 48V, different color combinations). This flexibility allows the robotic arm to be adapted to various needs and facilitates its integration and acceptance by operators. P-Rob is also the only fully integrated and embedded robotic arm. It’s footprint does not exceed 300×300 mm2.

These unique features allow for quick and simple setup without the need of any external power adapters or control devices. All P-Rob models support a position repeatability of 0.1mm and a payload of up to 3kg. The cover of the robotic arms consist of a soft shell combined with a synthetic leather skin. It protects co-workers as well as the robot itself from external damage. The look and feel of F&P robotic arms is truly unique and contributes to a positive and collaborative human-robot relationship.

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