Supported MiR robots:


MiR Hooking System was developed to support internal logistics in industry and in all areas of use of the robot. The basic functionality of this object is the use of a MiR100 and MiR200 for the automatic coupling and handling of trolleys between different locations of the factory. The system appears to be extremely flexible as there is no need of an external sensor to allow centering and relative coupling of the trolley, MiR will perform the maneuver in total autonomy.

This type of application allows to move different types of trolleys with a unique MiR. This one adds stability and allows to transport higher payload in terms of weight than standard models.

The system also has an intuitive web-based graphical interface through which you can evaluate the status of the top module and MiR. In addition, there is a datalogger feature that allows you to collect, within a database, the diagnostic data of MiR and of the top module so as to perform any preventive maintenance and then limit the malfunctions of the system and ensure its durability over time.