Even in Sicily there are examples of companies specialized in process automation. An example comes from ‘Controllogic’. We see several examples of systems built with the integration of Hyundai Robots, distributed in Italy by K.L.A.IN.robotics. The company, realizing the potential of the island, has also recently opened its own office in Catania.

Controllogic is a sicilian company specialized in the automation of industrial processes. Its daily goal is to study the process and make the operational flow safe, standardized, fast and repeatable. This is achieved both through the use of PLC and HMI of the latest generation, such as in the design of ultrasonic nougat cutting systems, control of mixing and pasteurization processes of food products and the revamping of obsolete machines, but also and especially through the use of industrial robots (anthropomorphic and collaborative). The use of the robot aims to achieve important goals in the current approach of the industrial process.

Controllogic has, for example, automated the loading of an incinerator of infected sanitary and medical waste equipments, potentially dangerous for the operator, through the use of a Hyundai robot that feeds, in total autonomy, the incinerator to which operators are no longer exposed. The Hyundai robot is distributed in Italy by K.L.A.IN.Robotics that, in a better perspective, has recently opened an office in Sicily and particularly in Catania.

Safety for the operator, high quality for the consumer and increased quality standards of the final product: these are the finals goals that every day we achieve through the latest technologies in industrial automation.

to dispose sanitary waste

Still in the field of sanitary waste disposal, Controllogic was involved in the design of a system built by a Hyundai robot programmed to manage the containers of human biological fluids. The cycle of the robot includes: the suction of liquid waste from the containers, the convoy of this waste to a chemical equalization plant, the washing and internal sanitization of the containers with ozonated water, to allow the reuse of the same materials and subsequent positioning of the empties in two parking platforms.

Controllogic has elaborated the packaging process of preserves making the flow totally autonomous, from the sealing phase to the palletizing phase thanks to the use of Hyundai and Denso robots, making sure that the food material is not exposed to the operator, increasing food safety to the benefit of the end user.

other examples of processes

A fully automated process created by Controllogic is a system of spraying gels and resins on steel surfaces used for the construction of refrigerated trailers. The process, automated through a Hyundai robot, makes the spraying system uniform and guarantees a high and always repeatable quality standard, moreover it does not expose the operator to the vapors of chemicals potentially harmful to health.

Other examples of automated processes in these years are different. One concerns the palletizing of bags of inert material by using robots that control the packaging machine upstream of the process and the roller conveyor with platform storage downstream of the working cycle. Another example is the automation of the packaging of coffee stirrers by two Hyundai robots. The process consists at first of a robot that takes care to pick up the coffee stirrers and deliver them on the conveyor belt towards the collection and counting cups. The processing cycle continues with a second Hyundai robot that takes care of the pallet pick-up from one of the two cups of collection and deposit in a vertical packaging machine.

A third example is an integrated automation system that uses a robot for palletizing boxes full of 8 and 12 bricks, consisting of 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1,000 ml. In this case, the robot picks the boxes up deposit them on the pallet to form the layer layout automatically.

There are other examples: an automatic dispenser system of “stick” surprises to be inserted in food containers in the packaging line, or a system designed to handle food-grade cutting dies. In the last case, the robot cycle provides to pick-up the die-cut packs and then place them and store them on the packaging machine.


RMO, September 2020