Billund Airport are experiencing a strong increase in the number of passengers. The airport is therefore expanding the terminal with a new multi-house, and Tax-free will be engaging in a close collaboration with storage robots.


Billund Airport are doing well. A significant increase in the number of travelers have been characterizing the last couple of years. 2018 was another record year, where Billund Airport could publish a growth of 3,9%in passenger numbers. 3,5 million people had chosen to travel through the airport during the year.

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Billund Airport are therefore focusing particularly on capacity. That is why they are expanding with a 6.650 square meter large building at the passenger terminal. The extra building is a prerequisite for the airport to continue the growth, which has been characteristic for the last several years. The new multi-house is to improve a long line of work processes and provide an ideal utilization of space. For this reason, the new multi-house will be containing storage robots.


There will be a direct access between the multi-house of four floors and the current terminal, containing Billund Airport’s Tax-free shop. The storage robots from EffiMat will be fulfilling a storage function, but also provide fast picking for the customers in Tax-free. The storage robot, the EffiMat, can also be defined as a “vertical lift module” but is 4-5 times faster than the traditional lifts on the market. As Billund Airport have experienced an increase in passengers during the last couple of years, the square meters of the new multi-house must be cleverly utilized.

A clever utilization is possible due to the storage robots, which will operate vertically and utilize the height of the warehouse. An EffiMat® will reduce waste of space, the picking speed will be improved, and the employees will be provided with good ergonomic working conditions.

Magazzino verticale EffimatMagazzino verticale Effimat



By utilizing EffiMat® to handle storage and picking, Billund Airport will experience additional significant advantages, which will improve the efficiency of work processes and secure a fast and precise delivery to the Tax–free shop. The warehouse used to be situated in the old terminal and valuable time were spent on internal transport. The new multi-house enables that warehouse and Tax–free will be situated in the same place and available on the ground-floor for storage and on the second floor for picking.

The EffiMat® will be installed in the area around the multi-house, where the goods for Tax-free will be delivered to in the future. The goods will be delivered directly to the storage robots and the warehouse. The employees in Tax–free on the second floor can pick directly from the storage robots. An interface between the ERP-system of the airport and the EffiMat® registers real-time when an item has been bought in the shop and the EffiMat® then ensures to pick the correct item and deliver it to be refilled in the Tax–free shop. This integration ensures that the item is always ready and available for a fast and correct delivery.

By integrating the storage robot as part of the work processes in the multi-house, Billund Airport are securing an ideal utilization of their capacity, along with efficient work processes and the airport will be well equipped for continuing their growth and their line of record years.

The new buildings are expected to be done by the end of 2019.